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zamów próbki
mozaiki kolekcja mozaiki luxury mozaiki baseny MOSAIC BOUTIQUE
International delivery

We ship the goods worldwide in 24 hours of receipt of payment.

To check the cost of shipping please send us your address with zip code
and quantity of mosaic you want to order.

Shipment costs for England:
Our shipment costs are calculated based on the weight of goods
00,01 - 5,0 Kg    - 22,76 EUR
05,01 - 10,0 Kg  - 23,99 EUR
10,01 - 15,0 Kg  - 24,29 EUR
15,01 - 25,0 Kg  - 25,83 EUR
25,01 - 30,0 Kg  - 26,45 EUR

Prices are subject to errors and changes.

Delivery times
The international delivery of ordered/bought goods to England follow within a period of 5-7 working days  after receiving payment as far as they are available on the shelf and have not been reserved for another order.

In the unlikely event of an article not being in stock, you will find this information and the expected delivery time on the product page of the article concerned.

kom. +48 695 896 041
tel. +48 83 343 38 13


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